The brand in times of COVID-19: transparency, trust and sustainability

The much-haunted concept of crisis = opportunity (although those who know Chinese say that it is not true that the same spelling is used to express these concepts) is recurrent. Today taking the opportunities provided by the pandemic crisis is an almost tangible reality. We cannot forget that the Covid-19 has affected us all and that it has altered the habits of consumers, who are starting from the new normal, to act in a more rational way, although without forgetting that successful brands connect emotional with your consumers.

Consumers expected and expect trust, responsibility, safety and added value from their brands. They asked them and they ask that they not only be a business, but that they contribute something more to the community. If a brand has been “at the height of the circumstances” in these months it will surely come out stronger. But how do you get it?

Being next to the consumer: Some brands have already transmitted this message. They have accompanied and accompany the consumer in difficult times. Accompanying messages, hope for the future, etc. have been recurring. Creativity here has been the key to not achieving the opposite effect.

Overcome resistance with transparency. The consumer, although emotionally affected, knows very well what he wants and, above all, what he does not want. Therefore, it has been essential to communicate appropriately. Transparency and coherence have been key.

Analyze new habits: After 70 days of confinement, consumers have developed new consumption habits. Will these be maintained over time? With which will there be no going back? The pandemic has brought an acceleration towards digital processes. Here nothing will be the same again.

Be present. Maintaining notoriety is essential. It is essential to continue being present in the channels where we have habitually moved. Let’s not forget that consumers easily forget. For example, consumers do not remember brands that do not appear in the media. Not being -and even more so, with all the channels and possibilities to get closer to the consumer, thanks to the Internet- can be extremely expensive.

Respect and sensitivity: Misunderstanding the opportunity can also be a disaster. Failure to demonstrate adequate respect and sensitivity to people’s pain and suffering will undoubtedly backfire. A new concept is imposed, social sustainability.

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