Knowing how to answer the phone is part of the corporate identity of the company. Yes, of branding, too, as Mr. Branding says, Andy Stalman. I was already taught by Antoni Torvà, General Director of Fecsa and Endesa from 1988 to 2010, one of the great professors of Public Relations. He taught me that “everything communicates”. It was in the Superior School of Public Relations of the University of Barcelona, ​​more or less in 1990, when still the degree of Public Relations did not exist.

As Mr. Branding, Torvà explained to us that he communicated how employees speak (they are the first ambassadors of the company) and that any communication plan inevitably went by taking this aspect into account. He explained that any Fecsa employee had to be able to explain the invoice if a customer asked him about it, for example.

The other day an employee of a beauty center, belonging to a franchisee, answered me before a claim I did verbally: “Madam, if you want I give the reason, but it does not.” The franchise has a good value for money, a modern logo, a solidarity campaign and on its website the Human Resources section is developed in a tab called “talent” and tells us: “the team, our best asset”. The distance between the response of the employee to a client and what they “tell us” on the web is abysmal. And it is also incoherent. By the way, the coherence between what we do and what we say is fundamental for the construction of a coherent corporate image.

And what is more credible? What we say or what we do? What we do. The experience, lived by the public, is always more decisive than anything we can express with words or images. Mr. Branding calls it “making tangible the intangible.”

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