Marketing is about values Steve Jobs said it

In 2013, Steve Jobs gave a talk introducing and explaining the memorable “Think Different” campaign, one of Apple’s great landmarks. In his presentation, Jobs explained two things very clearly: Marketing is about values, and therefore brands do not sell products. They sell values.

This is the case with Nike, which Jobs cites as an example. Nike does not sell shoes (and sportswear). Not even comfort (although that is part of its characteristics), what Nike sells is a passion for sport. It is lifestyle.

Jobs extrapolates this understanding of Nike’s marketing to that of Apple. Apple does not sell technology. No. What Apple sells are the tools needed by those who want to change the world. In fact, in the “Think Different” campaign, it featured relevant figures from the 20th century, from Einstein to Picasso. And, making a joke, he remarked: “They didn’t have a computer, if they had, it would have been a Mac”. (How great!).

The interesting thing about this vision is that the values of a brand, “the core”, are unchangeable. A brand can (and should) change its products because market demands evolve; it can change its distribution and is even likely to change the people who work for it. But its values are immutable.

Now, if you have a company, are you clear about your brand values and how to sell them?

If you think you need help, it is essential to put yourself in the hands of professionals. Because, as the great master said: Marketing is about values.

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