We think the same as Larry Fink, president of BlackRock, who in a letter addressed last April 10 to the presidents of the largest companies in the world, invited them to “the creation of long-term value”. Fink criticizes entrepreneurs who have neglected investment in innovation, training their employees or capital expenditures that are not necessary to maintain long-term growth.

“Public Relations (or Communication) should advise on this long-term path. Fink insists that companies pay attention to the investors who qualified him as “long-term owners” and to ignore the most speculative investors. How is this “long-term” path constructed? Children and young people who are now between 4 and 21 years of age have a concern that worries the world: molded by technology, but more by austerity policies, worried about not being indebted, altruistic, politically sensitized by economic inequality and social, disillusioned with traditional politics and willing to help whoever does it; We will have to think about new strategies for which we have developed so far to convince them to buy our brand.

What if they do not recommend it to us? Fink we begin to react? Could it be good advice that reaches the maximum of public relations that tells us “do well and make it know”, as we think, is still in full force and even, we would dare to describe as “fashionable”?

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