From storytelling to storydoing

“No one bathes twice in the same river,” said Heraclitus. Today reality is constantly changing. New circumstances generate new consumption habits, new ways of thinking and being. We are all transforming and we all begin to interact with brands in different ways: we are more demanding and we ask them to be coherent, consistent and transparent.

Brands that want to survive need not only communicate, but connect with their audience. They need to become their crush (that of engagement, that of being in love that we read and hear so much), so that the consumer becomes an ambassador and promoter (prescriber).

Brands are called to become brands with purpose, brands that by their values “catch” their audience and consumers. Companies / brands that become the “perfect” place to work. Who does not want to be proud of their company and presume that it donates a part of its profits to children with cancer, to the environment or to Alzheimer’s research, to give an example?

So far, everything is correct, but what do you have to do to make your brand fall in love? To make it a brand with purpose?

The 5 commandments of purposeful brands:

  1. You will be transparent about all things. This means that it also has to be consistent and that it will transmit its values clearly, without hiding anything. Fooling your audience or clients is prohibited.
  2. You will constantly innovate. As a brand, you have to know your market, always give new solutions and be reliable and authentic. You cannot “rest on your laurels”.
  3. You will hit the target. This means that your brand has to be precise in the message and in the channels it uses.
  4. You will take action. Storytelling is fine, but storydoing is better. Design a CSR strategy, work it out, make it happen and involve your clients and your audience. Make them participate and don’t forget to thank them and make them feel “part of your brand”. Go one step further, they can be your brand.
  5. You will digitize your messages. Digitization is not everything, but it is essential. Transmit your messages digitally, update your website (it is the “dresser” of your brand), use social networks (with common sense … a no-brainer if you are a B2B you don’t paint anything on Tik Tok). Interact, share, fall in love.

In short, with your brand, create links and build loyalty with transparent, positive, reliable and credible messages. As in any relationship, that will be the way to reach the heart, in this case, of your audience.

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