Why is a videogame a tool of corporate communication? From now, yes.

You do not have to be conservative. We like it, and we like it a lot, this new way of promoting tourism. Yes, this is what the “Legends of Catalonia” is about, the virtual reality game that promotes tourism in Catalonia and has been promoted by the Catalan Tourism Agency of the Department of Representation and Context of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

And the objective is to promote Catalonia in the United States and is available in three languages: Catalan, Spanish and English. “Legends of Catalonia” has a duration of 50 minutes and is available for free in the PlayStation online store and so that you can not see virtual reality glasses. Subsequently, the game will also be available from a computer through the Steam platform.

Is it incredible all you can get with a virtual reality video game, isn’t it?