UPC Techtalent Center

Many will tell you what you want to hear. We won’t

We’ll deliver the best communication strategy there is for your business.

We know what we’re doing.
We can prove it.

We’re a group of experts with over 20 years’ experience, with professionals from all fields of communication who complement each other.

We like challenges.
A lot.

We carry out wide-ranging, complex projects that require piecing together a variety of communication tools and unique campaigns that draw on our specialist knowledge.

We like to have fun.
Communication is a serious affair.

It is a valuable executive management tool that can strengthen the relationships companies, organisations or brands establish with their audiences and their clients.

Communication is the only tool we have to interact with our enviromment.

And it is the most powerful executive management tool the brands and organisations we work with can use to bolster their relationships with their audiences and clients.

We have one goal only: the success of our client companies, brands and organisations.

We listen to our clients.
We asses their needs and we agree on their objectives together.

We give it our all

We tell the outside (your audience) what is happening inside (the brand) and we tell inside what is happening outside. We believe this is the ultimate objective of communication: to reconcile our clients’ vision with their environments’. This is our commitment to them.

We hit the mark

There are no two clients alike. We’re restless, creative, skilled, unyielding, brave, honest… in our quest for the best strategy, and we expertly carry out each communication plan. We combine strategic and operational knowledge with a good deal of understanding, flexibility and common sense.

We keep our feet on the ground

We’re always on the lookout for new resources and trends. We closely monitor each project’s progress. What we know and what we learn helps us grow with each client as we adapt to each new setting while staying ahead of new demands.

We’re multi-talented

We define the “what” and we choose the “how”. We have the capability to carry out complete, complex projects that require fitting together a variety of communication tools as well as unique projects that call for highly-specialist knowledge, whatever each client needs at all times.


Feeling that each project is a part of us is what define us.

Corporate communication

We promote dialogue: persuasion is a social influence tool.

We build a voice for companies and organisations. We help our clients align with their audiences, enhancing their presence and making them more profitable and reliable. We strive to make them leaders.

  • Positioning and reputation strategy
  • Public relations
  • Crisis and issue management communication
  • Corporate relations


To turn potential clients into final clients. To bolster consumer loyalty. These are the objectives we achieve with our clients’ complicity. Without losing sight of maximum business profitability through communication and a variety of tools, both traditional and state-of-the-art.

  • Consumer public relations and brand activation
  • Social media management
  • Media and advertising content creation
  • Press office and influential communication
  • Advertising


Because people are what matters most. Employees and colleagues are the first and foremost ambassadors of a brand, a company and an organisation. Internal communication is ubiquitous. Let’s make it profitable.
We look after our clients and we strive to build healthy businesses and organisations where everyone, including us, is working towards the same goal.

  • Internal communication
  • Training


Under a single management structure, we combine experiences and specific knowledge to make every proposal a success.


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