Marc Ros, partner of Risto Mejide in his advertising agency, says that “Corporate Social Responsibility is a department for to look good to the others and it have to die”. This is the headline of the interview published in Jot Down. Watch out! We must continue reading so that this advertising clarifies that “CSR (…) is a behavior: how the company behaves with society, with nature, with the employee, with the children of employees, with the grandparents of the employees, with consumers, with animals and with anyone.

“Do not go too far to find the points that would make up the ethical responsibility of the company, Wikipedia, the list:

  1. Serve society with useful products and under fair conditions.
  2. Create wealth in the most efficient way possible.
  3. Respect human rights with decent working conditions that favor occupational health and safety and the human and professional development of workers.
  4. Ensure the continuity of the company and, if possible, achieve reasonable growth.
  5. Respect the environment, avoiding as much as possible any type of contamination, minimizing the generation of waste and rationalizing the use of natural and energy resources.
  6. To comply strictly with the laws, regulations, norms and customs, respecting the legitimate contracts and commitments acquired.
  7. Seek the equitable distribution of the generated wealth.
  8. Maintenance of business ethics and fight against corruption.

AlaOeste Communication think that Corporate Social Responsibility is still to be released and that is the future: a multiplying factor of communication and the true driving force of the brand image.

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