Twitter… like good coffee

Short, full-bodied, strong, hot and also sometimes bitter… Twitter is like good coffee, which is not the most consumed drink in the world, but at the same time it has a great demand and unconditional fans. But there is something else: Twitter continues to be a powerful social network, with more than 330 million active monthly users (MAUs), 500 million tweets posted every day. In fact, almost a quarter of the world’s Internet users use it. There may be a reason why…

For those who believe that Twitter “isn’t what it used to be,” it’s interesting to read the article published in The Thoracic Surgery Social Media Network (TSSMN). The mission of this network is to spread and highlight their news on social networks and, to assess how Twitter works, they did a prospective, randomized study to determine the effect of tweets on the quotes from their trials, following publication on this network.

The result was extremely positive: the tweeted articles achieved a significantly higher increase in article citations over time, compared to those that did not go through the social network of the bird and the hashtag par excellence. The conclusion is that the academic impact of social media activity is broad and long-lasting, specifically when it comes to Twitter.

Likewise, Twitter is a good digital marketing tool: almost 70% of B2B companies use it, it shows 164 million ads a day and 40% of users claim to purchase goods or services after seeing them on this network.

With all these benefits… Twitter is still like coffee: maybe it is not the most consumed drink in the world, but just like it, it still has for communication and brands, countless benefits for their health.

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