Naming  TechTalentCenter

Headquarters of the UPC School


The UPC School leaves the headquarters at the Diagonal campus in Barcelona and moves to a new building in District 22 @ in PobleNou; now located on Badajoz Street. It is necessary to “baptize” the new headquarters of the UPC School before spontaneously acquiring the name of the street.

Find a name for the UPC School building. This name must gather values such as being a meeting point for professionals in Barcelona dedicated to technology, becoming a reference for training (not only will be taught courses, postgraduate and Masters but there will be meetings, talks, Conferences…). This space is intended to be a center of growth or professional development in the technological field.

Our proposal

The UPC already has a name that corresponds to a strong reputation in its field of knowledge, research and teaching, it is decided that this new naming “BarcelonaTech” will accompany you in all its applications without the original disappearing. It is added to the logo of the University and in all communication media.

The slogan is created specifically with the international dimension of the now UPC BarcelonaTech in mind. On the basis of three concepts that represent the strengths of the reputation of the UPC (leadership and innovation), the narrative scheme of the slogan is added to which the key factor related to internationalization is added: leading innovation globally.


Increase UPC identification among target audiences outside of natural borders. Focus attention and attract talent and students to this University facilitating its most attractive pole linked to the city following a naming scheme already known. Point out in the slogan the strongest and most recognized points of the institution.