Main message of an internal strategy seminar for the Institut Català de Salut


Develop the material with the key message to transmit to the officials of the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS) to set the course of the institution gathered in a seminar.

Our proposal

Creation of a video that, by color, differentiates the three fundamental concepts of communication that the directors of the institution were going to develop: share, innovate and advance. Each of the messages developed concludes with the same sentence: for whom do we share? For whom do we innovate? For whom do we advance? The objective of the ICS is to place the patient at the center of the organization, as the first objective of work. With clear and forceful phrases; short and without unnecessary detours, we achieve that the receiver assumes the contents without hardly effort.


The success in the internal communication of the ICS, the facility for the managers in the transmission of ideas in accordance with their institutional strategic objectives.