“Diccionario Respira”
A 2.0 campaign in Respiratory


The Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR) needs to position itself in the field 2.0 as a reference for respiratory content 2.0 in Spanish on pathologies of pulmonology and thoracic surgery for all publics, and position itself as the creator of 2.0 visual content in Spanish for personnel healthcare and patients on pathologies of pulmonology and thoracic surgery for all public.

Our proposal

We created the “Respira Dictionary”, the dictionary SEPAR 2.0. Each of the 27 words of a dictionary will be related to one of the 13 SEPAR Work Areas (Specialty Area). How did we do it? By publishing biweekly a new word of the Dictionary, through four types of infographics and two audiovisual capsules for each word in which the concept was defined, the follower was encouraged to comment and curiosities were explained.


An annual campaign that gets more than 400,000 people reached on Facebook and more than 825,000 on Twitter and a 50% increase in organic followers on both platforms. In addition to a notable participation and feedback from the fans; to emphasize, the followers of Latin American countries.