¡Dale un respiro al planeta!

Promote the recycling of inhalers


7.2 million units were sold in 2016 from the most used inhaler in Spain. Being as a medicine is your recycling channel should be pharmacies. However, most patients and even health professionals see a basically plastic device that knows how and where it should be recycled.

We want to make people with respiratory diseases aware that inhalers are not just plastic, they contain gases and remnants of medication that require special treatment in order to protect the environment.

Our proposal

We designed a campaign for respiratory health professionals to teach their patients how to use the inhaler correctly and how to recycle it.

We created a poster, a brochure and a video that show in a simple way the direct benefits of the recycling of inhalers and is distributed through 280 Pneumology services throughout Spain.

And we launched an information campaign through the media and on social networks (Facebook and Twitter) to complete the action.


280 units of pulmonology and primary care centers adhered to the campaign throughout Spain actively provided information to around 90,000 patients.

They must add the 12 million people who could see the campaign through the media and more than 10,000 impacts on social networks accounted for from the issuing account.