Tobacco prevention campaign for teenagers


On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, which is celebrated on May 31, a campaign to prevent smoking is developed, especially for adolescents, which pulmonologists and specialized respiratory nurse carries out either in hospitals or in schools reference. The partners of SEPAR, specialists in respiratory diseases carry out a public health work in prevention of one of the most dangerous respiratory diseases: smoking.

OUr proposal

Talks are arranged with pre-adolescent boys and girls, of 6th grade or 1st of ESO. Spanish teenagers start smoking at 13 years old. The materials that SEPAR makes available for the talks are: the session guide, the PWP sesión with associated videos, pedagogical material for the students and a gift bag with the slogan of the campaign.


More than 100 Classrooms Breathe on Smoking Prevention care for 10,000 students. Each year, for World No Tobacco Day, between 10 and 20 hospitals join in a joint awareness-raising action. The media echoes the initiative and members of SEPAR, the pulmonologists, is a benchmark in his battle horse: smoking.