MES advocats

The merger of two professional companies: “Milletadvocats” and “SEV associats” creates the need to configure a new name for the entity as well as a new company image.


A new corporate identity and work on new corporate values.

Our proposal

Two companies working on new corporate values ​​to represent the new identity. Given the years of trajectory of both companies, we established as values ​​for the new company: the efficiency to be profitable, the guarantee of the professional experience and the global implication in the client. These values ​​were worked in conjunction with the positioning of the company to make a more competent entity with a better added value. MES refers, in Catalan, to “more”, identifying the sum of the two merged companies that come together to fight for common objectives. In addition, MES, also represents the professional and human enrichment that the fusion implies: 1 + 1 = 3. It gives rise to the slogan: “Being a small firm makes us great.”


The new image represents the values ​​of the company. A sober, clean image, with an emphasis on discourse rather than a visual one; MES reflects seriousness and confidence.