There is Marketing, there is Public Relations and there are opinion leaders.

Wikipedia makes it clear to us: “Public Relations (…) are a set of communication actions coordinated and sustained over time, whose main objective is public links with different audiences, techniques and instruments (…). ) advertising, marketing, journalism, among other branches and professions Google defines Marketing: A set of tools and studies that aim to improve the marketing of a product.

Therefore, when it comes to influencer marketing, we refer to a communication strategy aimed at opinion leaders to promote sales. Of all life, come on! I have read these days, precisely on the Internet: “Influencers marketing does not stop ringing in our ears like the typical fashion term that has been installed by professionals of marketing and communication for just a year. However, (…) these practices are not so recent for many of these professionals, and some data have not stopped surprising us by the degree of maturity that already exists around this discipline. ” Well, talking about influencer marketing is just a fashion term. Because, it is a mature discipline: we practiced Public Relations with this name since 1822 and the birth of Marketing can be placed between 1730 and 1820, more or less.

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