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No time for strategy?

Maybe this story is familiar to you: wake up at 6:30, gym/pool, arrive at the office at 8: 30 (half an hour before the others), answering emails, calls, working on day-to-day projects, explaining to your team/collaborators the next steps, negotiating with a customer, coffee, calls, meeting, eating fast – at your desk many days – […]

Twitter… like good coffee

Short, full-bodied, strong, hot and also sometimes bitter… Twitter is like good coffee, which is not the most consumed drink in the world, but at the same time it has a great demand and unconditional fans. But there is something else: Twitter continues to be a powerful social network, with more than 330 million active […]

From storytelling to storydoing

“No one bathes twice in the same river,” said Heraclitus. Today reality is constantly changing. New circumstances generate new consumption habits, new ways of thinking and being. We are all transforming and we all begin to interact with brands in different ways: we are more demanding and we ask them to be coherent, consistent and […]

A new reality: the hybrid event or congress

Most of us realized that the Covid-19 pandemic was serious when the big brands began to withdraw from the Mobile World Congress… and even more so when it was canceled. In these months we have learned to integrate into our daily lives new realities, such as teleworking, zoom conferencing, masks, hydroalcoholic gel… but what about […]

New words for ‘trendy’ communicators

Being a good communicator today requires a constant update on the most “trendy” and fashion words of the moment. Either it is a cool communicator or it is not. The communicator of the 21st century must behave like a real coolhunter of words. Be vigilant, capture those new terms finished in “ing” that generate the […]

Excellent reputation, a lifesaver for big brands

The case Dieselgate, of Volkswagen, of great depth in the media sphere, opens the door to an interesting field of study for communicators: can you live from the inertia of an excellent reputation ?, that is, does the good reputation of a company, built for years, to cushion a serious reputational crisis? Does it help […]

University-Business Chairs, partners with conflicts of interest

La colaboración público-privada tan laureada en algunos sectores económicos se está convirtiendo en una fórmula muy habitual en el ámbito universitario. Se trata de las Cátedras Universidad-Empresa, de las que en Cataluña hay alrededor de una sesentena. In the face of this usual partnership, it is worth asking whether university support is born from a […]


“I know more about a celebrity than my family”, this is one of the most indicated phrases of the place of IKEA for this Christmas. Three minutes that will be reflected and perhaps even cry. Surely you’ve seen on television, or rather, I’m sure it has already arrived through your whatsapp, because it has virally […]


Why is a videogame a tool of corporate communication? From now, yes. You do not have to be conservative. We like it, and we like it a lot, this new way of promoting tourism. Yes, this is what the “Legends of Catalonia” is about, the virtual reality game that promotes tourism in Catalonia and has […]