We shouldn’t cheat our audiences, whether we are talking about a brand or an institution, and when we “pay” a tweet through a celebrity we should warn, in some way (#publi, it should be mandatory when this happens) that we are making publicity. It is not the same to pay to comment, anywhere, through Twitter or in a column of a newspaper, to invite or persuade the “famous” (whether a character of Sálvame limón or a reputed actor) to express his opinion, that is, , good or bad, of us. These are Public Relations.

Since we have spoken on multiple occasions of the neologisms that we are introducing in the language of communication, now it turns out that these practices are called “celebrity endorsement”. What was previously a recommendation action through opinion leaders, whether in an advertising or PR tool. But there is more: it is called “branded content through social publishers” if “we make the message look natural” and “we pay” to a mix of celebrities and bloggers.

And what’s the name when Oprah tweets that one of her favorite gadgets is the Windows MS Surface tablet from her ipad? Well, Microsoft’s $ 150 million campaign is going down the drain. In Spain it has also happened: Mario Casas and Malena Costa, have promoted on Twitter LG’s new mobile phones from their iPhone. Bravo for Apple!

In our opinion: whatever you call the communication tool you use, use it with professionalism and do not just trust the pretty faces.

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