A new reality: the hybrid event or congress

Most of us realized that the Covid-19 pandemic was serious when the big brands began to withdraw from the Mobile World Congress… and even more so when it was canceled. In these months we have learned to integrate into our daily lives new realities, such as teleworking, zoom conferencing, masks, hydroalcoholic gel… but what about events? Should they all be done virtually? Are there other formulas?

The trend, today, points to a new model of event, the so-called hybrid event, in which one part of the audience attends in person, while the other is connected virtually. This possibility changes the way we understood the sector and involves new associated challenges, such as how to manage the relational part and networking; how to maintain audience engagement; if new experts are needed and, something basic, if the return on investment is measurable or if they are profitable.

The paradigm is new and needs to be adapted. A face-to-face event has a limited number of attendees, but virtually, many more are willing to connect and participate, something we have become accustomed to the experience of these months. So, it is clear that we will need specialists, facilitators able to fall in love with that audience, to capture it and keep it among us. Because it is not a question of virtual assistants being mere spectators, but participants, in a bidirectional and omniprofile process.

In addition, to relate, we will have to create new ways of doing things. Some have already experienced digital platforms that bring interested participants in contact, through artificial intelligence, before and after an event. Although networking seems more complex, it will be necessary to work to achieve an efficient result.

And on what is the profitability of a hybrid event, surely, this is greater than that of a traditional event, since in addition to being able to reach more people, the costs of travel, accommodation and diets are reduced. The hybrid event will also affect other sectors, who in turn will have their own challenge to be more creative and competitive

However, and if we think about it, in the end, a hybrid event can involve the same basis as any other event: having quality content and presenting it in an attractive way so that the objectives are met will be the key to success. Meeting goals is always the key to success.

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